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                    Position:Home>Products>SSCNC> SSCNC Introduction

                    SSCNC Introduction

                    SSCNC is developed by Nanjing Swansoft Technology Company. Providing its NC simulation services with FANUC, Simens (SINUMERIK), Mitsubishi (MITSUBISHI), HEIDENHAIN, Fagor, HAAS, ROMI, GSK (Guangzhou), HNC (HUAZHONG), KND (Beijing), DASEN (Dalian), RENHE (Jiangsu), WA (Nanjing), SKY2003N (Nanjing), PA8000, Deckel FP4, GREAT (Chengdou) ,Mazak lathe and other milling centers. It combines both machining experiences of machine company and training experiences of colleges. By using this software, students simulate the operation in real NC machines and can master the training in a shorter time interval, and colleges can reduce greatly in the investment of expensive equipments.

                    SSCNC is easy to use for both students and teacher. It can be either programed by hand or imported with CAM NC program and then start simulation in SSCNC. Teacher gets students' operation information through SSCNC Server in real time.

                    Swansoft CNC Simulation includes 22 sorts, 81 systems, and 203 control panels. It has programming and processing function for FANUC, SIEMENS(SINUMERIK), MITSUBISHI, FAGOR, HAAS, PA , Romi, GSK, HNC, KND, DASEN, WA ,GREAT,SANYING, RENHE, SKY,JNC,Decekel,GTC2E,NCT,Mazak. By using the software in PC, students can master the operation of all kinds of NC lathe, NC milling and machining center in short time. Teachers recieve real-time operation information from students at any time through network. This software is also the first and the only domestic NC simulation software which can be updated automatically online for free.


                    1.3D Modeling based OPENGL, Dual Monitor Display.

                    2.Dynamic rotation, zoom, move, full screen, switch views, etc.

                    3.G Code parse. Support ISO-1056 prepare function code(G code), assistant function

                    code(M code) and other instruction.

                    4.3.5/4/5 Axis Milling Simulation.

                    5.G code debug Tool.

                    6.Custom code and cycles in different NC system are supported in SSCNC.

                    7.Simulate post process file produced by UG,Pro-E,MasterCAM in SSCNC.

                    8.Windows MACRO recording and replay.

                    9.Operation process (AVI) recording and replay.

                    10.Workpiece setting and mounting.

                    11.Automatically change tool machine, Four Position Turret, Eight Position Turret

                    and Twelve Position Turret.

                    12.Vertical and horizontal change tool system automatically switch.

                    13.Tool preset by using benchmark method and manual method.

                    14.Machining with coolant, sound and iron fragment effect.

                    15.Measure tools : edge finder, feeler gauge, micrometer, calipers etc.

                    16.Management tool and performance parameters adopt database technology .

                    17.Embedded all kind of tools in SSCNC. Supporting customize tool.

                    18.Three-dimensional size measure of workpiece after it is machined.

                    19.Roughness measure based tool cutting parameters.

                    20.Automatic update online.

                    21.Import workpiece from CAD file.

                    ....» More Function

                    SSCNC SERVER MAIN FUNCTION
                    1.Users management

                    Teachers register their username and password through SSCNC server, student may login into the network version of SSCNC in any PC using local area network, Teacher can centralize the management and monitor students over local area network.

                    2. Exercises management

                    Teacher may add and edit exercises in SSCNC server. Teacher can transmits the exercises with pictures included to clients (students). Then students write the answers and transmit back to the teacher. SSCNC server builds up an easier and more convienient way for teacher and students to communicate with each other.

                    3. Network Monitor

                    SSCNC server records students' operation information according to their registration information. It can control and inquire students' login and logoff and machining operation information. At the same time , the teacher can also broadcast his screen to students. The Teacher can assist students via Remote View and Control Client PC.

                    4. Examination subsystem

                    This system Includes question bank management, test paper management, the test process management as well as the automatical examination marking process.

                    5. Administer subsystem

                    This Includes test data management, exam permit management, and test result management.

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